CIST 2531 Advanced Photoshop Chapter 11

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Project Builder 11-1

Project Builder 11-2

Design Project 11-1

Note for DP 11-1:

The king and queen are in an arranged marriage. While the king is at war, the queen falls in love with a knight. In my story, the queen poisons and kills the king when she finds out that he is disguised as a servant, attempting to catch her cheating. The queen hides her poison in the kitchen and portrays herself as innocent. She convinces the citizens that someone got away with murder, which makes the kingdom uneasy. The queen announces that the last decree of the king was to find someone to replace him. This announcement, concocted by the queen, allows her to be with her lover, the knight. After the knight is crowned king, he discovers the vial of poison the queen placed in the kitchen; however, he believes the cook is the murderer! The queen fuels this misconception and declares the cook guilty, which satisfies the uneasiness in the kingdom and removes any suspicion of her involvement in murdering the king. The queen successfully navigated murdering the king and marrying her true love: the knight.

The End.

Additional Sources for DP 11-1:

Knight Face
Sword in the Background
Center Curtains
Outer Background Walls